XDepth-HDR is JPEG standard
March 18 , 2016 - 07:57

XDEPTH-HDR is now part of the JPEG standards family (ISO Standard 18477) providing backward compatibility with the baseline JPEG, while its syntax is compliant with the future family of the JPEG standards. For further info on how to integrate XDEPTH-HDR in your products, contact

XDepth at San Diego JPEG/MPEG meeting
February 06 , 2016 - 08:07

XDepth (Trellis Management Co Ltd) announce his participation at the next JPEG and MPEG meetings at San Diego (California) in February.

XDepth at Warsaw MPEG and JPEG meeting
June 24 , 2015 - 22:36

XDepth (Trellis Management Co Ltd) has participated at the Warsaw JPEG/MPEG committee meeting in June 2015 contributing to the development.

XDepth at Geneva MPEG meeting
March 05 , 2015 - 18:49

XDepth (Trellis Management Co Ltd) has attended at the MPEG meeting held in Geneva in February to continue to contribute to the new MPEG standard for High Dynamic Range.

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